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OceanGLOBE is a beach research and outdoor environmental education program for upper elementary, middle and high school students. It is one component of a multi-faceted educational outreach program created by the UCLA Marine Science Center (MSC) and builds upon a pilot program funded by National Science Foundation grant ESI-9454413 and supported by National Science Foundation grant ESI 9819424.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. For more information about the UCLA MSC, you can visit the UCLA Marine Science Center site by clicking on this link (link will be reestablished soon). OceanGLOBE provides a mechanism for students to conduct "real" marine science over an extended period of time, giving them experiences that anchor the national and state science standards learned in the classroom.

Students participating in OceanGLOBE collect environmental and biological data from a beach site close to their school campus over an extended period of time. At the discretion of the participating teacher, students may organize, graph and analyze their data, which may lead to a variety of student-created, "real" science products. Another feature of OceanGLOBE is the support material it provides teachers and students. We make available, here on this website, learning material in the form of PowerPoint presentations, as well as relatively inexpensive activities or labs, that relate to each of the types of data collected during the field research done by students. So, for example, if students measure ocean temperatures, we provide a PowerPoint presentation about ocean temperature and also temperature-related investigations.

Click on the Slide Shows button to view supplemental PowerPoint presentations that explain our research protocols and provide a theoretical content background. Our Investigations button links to our supplemental student field research guide booklets and to our always-growing collection of classroom teaching investigations that integrate with the field research program and slide shows. The Photos button links to our collection of color images showing the common marine southern California marine species we observe. In summary, OceanGLOBE is a hands-on, outdoor marine science research project in which students are the principal investigators. By doing scientific work repetitively over an extended time period students learn about how science is done as much as they learn science content.

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